Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Washington DC , the French are there!!!!!! Barbara arrived this morning early from Chicago. She had no problems. She had an early flight and found the time to go for a walk in town. She took pictures and got a taste of 30 degrees temperature!!! Good, because my sister told me there were having 0 degree in Ormoy!!!! My flight was very nice. But I have a question. Why would anybody want a window sit when you know you have a bladder problem?I had the aisle sit and I had to get up 3 times for a girl much younger than me!!!!!! Oh well, good exercise I guess. But the flight is only 2 hours and 30 min!!!! OK something ironic now. All the flights all over USA or Europe are being delayed or cancelled. Well, my flight landed 15 min early!!!!!22 is a good number. I will have to gamble more or buy a lotto ticket!!
We are now at the United lounge with a gin and tonic and cheese waiting for the next plane. I am lucky to have a traveling daughter. She has access to the Red Carpet Lounge. And it's a. nice change of pace.
We have to go now for our next destination. Bisous.


  1. So relieved you found each other in DC!!! Claire's flight from NYC to Houston was 30 minutes early today!! Happy Travels!!!

  2. Gin & tonic, cheese, Red Carpet Lounge, two lovely ladies!! How wonderful is that! To the good life my friends! Travel safe and enjoy the beauty of your travel together! Bisous

  3. P.S. Merry Christmas from the Lagos family!!!