Monday, December 21, 2009

Airport Bar #1 & Delay #1


Airport bars are one of my favorite places to hang out. You meet the most interesting people, and they are usually crazies. I don’t consider myself one of these crazies, but who knows, to them I might be.

I was creeped out by the airport after my VERY GOOD FRIEND JENNY dropped me off as I was literally the only person going through security. They searched me only because they hadn’t seen a traveler in so long, they needed something to do with their hands. I did not enjoy it. I rearranged my bags and put my jewelery back on and quickly went to the bar. I travel a lot, so have gotten to know the airport bars quite well. Today’s bar is the Buena Vista Bar next to my gate (Gate 90). I just spent a very hilarious night there 3 nights ago, so it's quite ironic that I'm here again. Delicious Irish Coffees. Found a seat at the bar next to the loudest person I could find, cause otherwise it’s not worth it, and started listening to her conversation with the man next to her. Clearly they also just met. The entire bar (of single travelers) is looking at the TV, but all of our eyes meet when her voice starts getting more loud. I love this.

It’s clear they have been talking for a while as he’s asking her more intimate questions. There’s a void in the room when she starts talking and it’s only caused because he has decidedly stopped talking to her to look at his blackberry. They both take a sip of their drink and start up again. She’s now crying. From what I gather, she has been married for 5 years, but her husband leads a secret life and turns out she has only been to his beach house, never to his main house. But, as she says, life isn’t so bad because she has her health. Hmmmm True, I guess. She did look at me to try to get an approval nod, which of course I did because I love airport crazies. She has to run because she’s about to miss her plane. I really wanted more time with her. ☹

On my way here, I downloaded a fabulous application for my iphone called “WorldMate Gold.” It cost $4.99, but is totally worth it. You forward them your itinerary from the airline, in my case United, and it automatically populates the trip in your phone and gives you all the updates. I just got a text message saying my flight is delayed 15 minutes. Not so excited about the delay, but it sure was exciting to get the text! That means I can have at least one more drink and hopefully meet at least one more crazy. Let’s hope!

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