Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

From Barbara
I figured since we celebrated so much on Christmas Eve, we were done. Wrong. It’s Christmas Day and we still need to celebrate. I woke up around 11:30, got my coffee, ate my favorite breakfast biscuit, The Lu, and got ready for round 2. My uncle went to get his mom for Christmas lunch and off we were again. This time on the menu:

Appetizers: Cheese balls
Starter: Pate en croute (Bread stuffed with Pate)
Entree: Filet of Sole baked in a white wine sauce with Mussels and shrimp with potatoes
Salad: Green salad with vinaigrette
Cheese: Same as yesterday
Desert: Chocolate mousse with raspberry colis
Truffles: Chocolat du Rhone (from Geneva)

We chatted some more and this time stayed at the table until 5pm.

Started the process again for dinner at 7. I could feel my stomach starting to turn, but it was all so good. Dinner was leftovers, but even that was a formal process.

Appetizers: Potato chips
Starter: Pate from Mr. & Mrs. Bire – duck and goose
Entrée: Leftover duck
Salad: Green salad with vinaigrette
Cheese: Same as yesterday
Dessert: Leftover Bouche de Noel & Clementine
Truffles: Jacques de Bruges

My stomach hurts from typing all this out. Lets just say, I slept well with my belly full and saying, No more eating tomorrow. Yeah right…..

Cousin Valentin

Tom with the donkeys

Santas in Ormoy

Chicken coup

Adorable Tom

Chocolate mouse with raspberry sauce

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