Monday, December 21, 2009

ok I think I should rest my nerves. Breath in,........ breath out.
I'm not sure if Barbara took off from San Francisco to Chicago. She has not called us. My motto since she was 18 years old "No news ---Good news" She seemed to have fun at the airport waiting for the plane. Last we heard from her, the flight was only 20min late!!!The best scenario would be to meet at Washington DC airport and then go off together. The news on TV are no help. The flights are late everywhere.. But I am travelling on the 22 and this is my good luck number. So, I have faith.
This is the most intense I have been since my wedding I think!!!! and I have been married for 30 years!!!!!
I had a wonderful time this afternoon with my friends Cherrie and Kathy. I will think of them when I am stranded in either Switzerland ,the US ,or France!!!! Thanks babies!!!!
OK ,I am going to bed. The suitcase is closed, the e-ticket has been printed and I am ready for a new adventure!!!! Well after I sleep if I can!!

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