Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

For New Years, we were back in the country in Ormoy. My cousin Caroline invited Valentin and I to her house to celebrate while my mom, Aunt Dany and Uncle Remy went to my Aunt Michelle’s house. During the day, we went grocery shopping to get all of our food we’re bringing back home and to get ready for the evening. We had to hurry because the grocery store closed at noon for their obligatory lunch break. So nice….

For lunch on the menu:
Starter: Pate from Mr. & Mrs. Bire
Meal: Beef Bourguignon with noodles
Salad: Green salad with vinaigrette
Cheese: Chevres, Brie, Camembert, Swiss
Dessert: Gallette des Roi*
Truffels: Lindt

*Gallette des Roi is a traditional cake which families eat on January 6, similar to what we do with Kings Cake in New Orleans. Traditionally, the youngest in the family gets under the table and the oldest cuts the cake in slices. The person under the table tells the server which slice should go to whom. Although Valentin is the youngest, I played the part of the youngest and got under the table just because. Inside the cake is a small “favor” and whoever gets it, becomes the king or queen for the day and gets to wear a crown. Obviously this is more for children, but it’s fun, so we all participate. They of course rig it so that I get the favor and so get to wear the crown all day. My favor was a cute cherub. I’m the queen for the day. J

After all that eating, Valentin and I went to Caroline’s house to start our celebrations. Beware of the menu.

Appetizers: Smoked salmon on toasts with crème fraishe (of course)
Appetizers: 3 different sorts of quiches and pastry puffs
Appetizers: Garlic Escargots
Starter: Duck Foie Gras
Starters: Coquille Saint Jacques (scallops) in a Cognac cream sauce
Meal: Poached Salmon in a Cream Sauce with Rice and Mixed Vegetables
Cheese: Camembert
Dessert: Petit Fours (mini cakes)

We had to stop in between courses. We played Monopoly and Wii Sports, which was funny to play in French. Somehow playing golf on the Nintendo made us feel better about eating so much.

Midnight came and we opened our bottle of Mumm champagne and 10 minutes later, mom, Dany and Remy showed up to join us with another bottle of champagne. We kept playing Monopoly until about 3 and finally came back home. It’s January 1 and the eating will now stop. It was fun for a week, but that’s it. Soon it will be time for reality and my jeans are already getting tight. Time to get serious!

Dessert for NYE on Monopoly table

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